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Rayvatek is an innovative metal additive manufacturing ( AM, 3D Printing ) technology and service company. With the factory buildings having a total area of 66,000 square meters, several sets of first-class additive manufacturing equipment, and a senior professional team, we can provide the overall solution of metal additive manufacturing ( AM, 3D Printing ). This includes 3D scan services ( Reverse Engineering ), design consulting, characteristic design, trial run verification and mass production as well as other services to meet market customers’ needs.


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We also offer cutting-edge hydrogen storage technologies. Our tanks can withstand pressures of 700 bar. These are fluid storage units manufactured by our innovative high-pressure composite winding technology.

Rayvatek cooperate with global companies, academies, and research institutions in order to jointly develop digital additive manufacturing platforms, from powder handling and additive manufacturing to post-processing, etc. This will achieve the goal of realizing a fully automated manufacturing plant There are several areas we will cover:

1 Investigate the limits associated with complex product topography, including the thinnest and lowest angles with the necessary durability for efficient usage of printing.

2Optimize the design of printing support materials, so that the relevant process information is established through thermal residual stress simulation along with practical verification.

3Establish and optimize material process parameters, and formulate various optimal parameters based on customer needs.

4Develop a functional structure design in order to compile the relevant databases in areas such as bearing capacity, heat exchange, and flow field.


Why choose us ?

Collaborating with Rayvatek offers numerous advantages, including a 4x faster product development cycle time, a 50% reduction in volume and weight, and a 99% reduction in the number of parts required. We help our customer improve product performance and use the technology to produce which can not be done by traditional manufacturing process.

See Rayvatek advantages compare to traditional manufacturing process
Shorten product development cycle time
Rayvatek addtive MFG
Traditional manufacture
4X Faster
Reduction in volume and weight
Rayvatek addtive MFG
Traditional manufacture
- 50 %
volume and weight
Reduction of multiple parts
Rayvatek addtive MFG
Traditional manufacture
- 99 %
multiple parts

ISO 9001 & AS 9100 Certificates

Rayvatek Print Beyond Limits to raise customer’s VISION.
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