Consumer electronics (titanium alloy components)

The use of titanium alloy components in consumer electronic products

More brands are using titanium alloy as the material for high-end products. The advantages of metal 3D printing technology to produce titanium alloy products include:

1Titanium alloy is hard, and additive manufacturing processes will yield better results than traditional manufacturing processes.

2Additive manufacturing combined with CNC finishing perfectly showcases the hard and thin characteristics of titanium alloy.

3Elimination of the traditional manufacturing mold cost enables small-batch customized production.

4Reducing material waste aligns with global ESG policies.

Commonly used materials: Titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloy

Density: 99.995%

Product accuracy: ±0.05-0.1mm

Product thickness: ±0.2-0.4mm

Production size: 30 cubic centimeters