subsea electric generator
Wind Turbines

We revolutionize energy component design and maintenance with below benefits :

1Complex design: Reduce weight and improve operating efficiency.

2Reconstruction: Using 3D scanning (Reverse Engineering) to rebuild broken parts.

3Durability: 3DP components offer enhanced strength and longevity, ensuring optimal performance even in harsh environments of energy generation.

4Reduced Turnaround Time: We shorten the production cycle.This translates into reduced maintenance time, minimizing downtime and

5Extended Machinery Lifespan: We extend the lifespan of customers’ energy systems & minimize the need for frequent repairs and replacements

Revolutionize new energy equipment design with metal additive manufacturing (AM, 3D Printing). Our cutting-edge technology allows us to produce specialized metals that withstand the harsh environments of energy generation: high temperatures, corrosion, radiation, and more.

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