HYDROGEN Storage Technology

Filament Winding Technology

Rayvatek’s composite filament winding fibers result in a robust storage tank that allows for pressures of up to 700 bar. Thoroughly verified and tested, our tanks allow for safe storage well beyond the average. In addition, our nanofiber winding technology results in flexible builds, high productivity, and lightweight designs. One of the largest issues when it comes to hydrogen storage is safe storage since it is a highly combustible element and there have been many accidents throughout history related to hydrogen explosions. Our robust tanks offer a solution for any safety concerns in terms of hydrogen storage, and we are already providing our services for high-requirement industries such as the aerospace sector.

Liner Molding Technology

Liner Molding

Via use of rotational molding, Rayvatek maintains a highly efficient production capability. The rotational molding process also allows for a diverse selection of materials to be interchanged according to customer needs in the case of having different product needs. Rotational molding can produce relatively large products with stable performance

Fluid Storage Applications

Fluid Storage

Hydrogen usage has been gaining popularity, whether it be for transition to clean energy, its versatility as an energy storage unit, or its usefulness and efficiency when it comes to applications in fuel cells. The scope of how we foresee hydrogen being used, whether it be concrete or envisioned, is constantly expanding. Other than simply offering hydrogen tanks for applications such as compact energy storage or industrial use, Rayvatek also currently offers the products to advanced sectors of technology which need to hold different materials other than just hydrogen. For instance, our tanks are currently being used as storage units for the nitrous oxide oxidizer required in a small launch vehicle.

Fluid Storage