Technology and Defense Taiwan Exhibition 2023

Rayvatek is pleased to announce its participation as an exhibitor at the highly anticipated TADTE (Technology and Defense Taiwan Exhibition) from September 14 to 16, 2023. As a leading innovator in metal additive manufacturing (AM, 3D Printing) and cutting-edge hydrogen storage technologies, we are excited to showcase our latest advancements and engage with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and potential partners.

Visit our booth at the TADTE exhibition to witness firsthand our state-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing solutions. Our comprehensive range of services, including design consulting, characteristic design, trial run verification, and mass production, will be on display, highlighting our commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence in the industry.

Furthermore, we invite you to explore our groundbreaking hydrogen storage technologies. Our tanks, engineered using innovative high-pressure composite winding technology, offer exceptional performance, durability, and safety, capable of withstanding pressures of 700 bar. Gain valuable insights into the future of fluid storage and discover how Rayvatek is revolutionizing the landscape.

Join us at the TADTE exhibition and discover the possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology and defense. Connect with our experts, explore our cutting-edge solutions, and unlock new opportunities for collaboration. Rayvatek is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and looks forward to connecting with you at this prestigious event.

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