3D SCAN (Reverse Engineering) Services

HandySCAN BLACK Elite Helicopter rotor
Source: GIT solutions
Source: GIT solutions

By utilizing advanced 3D scanning (reverse engineering) technology, we are able to capture the precise geometry of existing parts with exceptional accuracy. This enables us to reconstruct highly accurate 3D models that seamlessly integrate with the original components. Our 3D scanning (reverse engineering) process ensures the capture of every detail of the parts, including complex surface shapes, intricate features, and even small perforations, with high resolution and detail.

Through this meticulous reconstruction process, we guarantee precise fitment of replacement components, ensuring a perfect match with the existing structure. This level of precision allows us to provide replacement parts that are not only dimensionally accurate but also reliable in their performance. These precisely reconstructed components seamlessly integrate with the original equipment, ensuring optimal performance replication.

By fully leveraging advanced 3D scanning (reverse engineering) technology, we provide our customers with solutions that surpass traditional maintenance methods. We are able to deliver accuracy in dimensions and enhanced durability through the use of metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) for parts, thereby improving overall mechanical performance. Most importantly, we help our customers significantly reduce downtime and minimize the substantial financial losses associated with equipment downtime.

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