airplane nose cone cover
Heavy impeller 3D金屬列印

Rayvatek has provided complex and high-performance metal additive manufacturing (AM, 3D printing) parts to aerospace customers, and our high-quality products have been well received by our clients.

In summary, the benefits of metal additive manufacturing (AM, 3D printing) are as follows:

1Complex designs can be fabricated as a single unit, simplifying product components, reducing weight, and enhancing product performance.

2Shorter development and manufacturing time, optimized supply chain, and increased production efficiency.

3Elimination of traditional manufacturing tooling costs, enabling small-scale customized production for optimal cost-effectiveness.

4Reduction of material waste during production.

The aerospace industry is one of the pioneers in applying metal additive manufacturing (AM, 3D printing) technology to part fabrication and maintenance. For example, complex components such as transmission systems, fluid mechanical parts, or special flow channel fittings can be efficiently produced using metal additive manufacturing (AM, 3D printing). Additionally, on the part maintenance side, our reverse engineering (3D scanning) service allows us to recreate damaged part drawings through computer graphics. By utilizing metal additive manufacturing (AM, 3D printing) technology, not only are expensive tooling costs eliminated, but also more than half of the time required for traditional mold-based manufacturing can be saved. This reduces losses incurred due to downtime caused by part damage.

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